Choosing Entertainment for a Children’s Party and Where to Find Mobile Kids Entertainers in Sydney

When it’s time to celebrate your child’s birthday, you want to make the occasion as special as possible. Hosting a party for the birthday boy or girl and all their friends is a great way to show them how much you appreciate them and make them feel happy and excited to be turning a year older. Of course, there’s more to hosting an extra-special party than ordering a cake and blowing up some balloons! For a truly memorable event, you also need to plan some great children’s entertainment in Sydney. You have a lot of options, so how do you go about making the right choice? Here are some things to consider.

Establish the level of importance of the party for your child

Do you want a professional and quality magician/entertainer or an entertainer that does not like children?

If you are on a tighter budget – like $0-$250 then look at something that is more common like jumping castle, party games, Balloon Twisters, superhero and fairy characters or clowns.  But if you are after something more fun, special and unique; then a professional children’s magician is recommended. They should start from no less than $350.

To find a great entertainer you need to invest in it and it’s not cheap but it’s going to be worth it – because a cheap entertainer can do much more damage to a child in the long run than spending slightly higher price for a great entertainer now – the memories and experience is something money can’t buy.

Explore the (age and gender-appropriate) options

When it comes to party entertainers in Sydney, there are many different ones to choose from – but keep in mind that they may not all be suitable for your particular group of kids. For example, although clowns are popular birthday-party entertainers, some children may find them frightening or overwhelming, especially young children. Likewise, superhero parties may huge hit with boys and fairy parties may be suitable for girls only. Look for something that a wide variety of children will enjoy; ensuring you have entertainment that will interest them, like Jumping Castle, Face-Painting and Children Magic Shows or Magic Lessons.

Request references – Written and Video Testimonials / Reviews

All kids entertainers in Sydney will put their best foot forward during a consultation, so be sure to ask for video testimonials. A great entertainer will be able to provide both written and video testimonials from previous clients – and these people should be able to provide glowing endorsements if their children enjoyed the show. Keep in mind that video testimonial are the most real and authentic way of knowing if the entertainer is good or not. Whereas, written testimonials could give an indicator – some may be fake and it’s easier to fake a written testimonial than a video testimonial.  Seeing the actual reactions and endorsements from clients who actually watched the show gives you the peace of mind of knowing you’re hiring someone who’s safe and qualified to do what they do best. As much as the entertainer has raving reviews and/or testimonials, the best way to know if the person is right for you is to get on the phone and have a conversation with them. This way you would know if they are professional during the conversation with you.

Phone Conversation – Things to look out for

A professional entertainer would spend time to understand your event by asking you detail questions. You should get a feeling they will always have you (the customer) as priority and not just another sale. Be sure to let the entertainer know as much detail as possible about your event. A professional entertainer will be able to give the options weather it’s an indoor or outdoor event.  During the phone conversation you should feel the following for indication of a professional and great entertainer

  1. They are willing to spend time to understand your event
  2. They go into details of your event (every party is different and unique)
  3. They care about the success of your party and not just want another sale
  4. They ask you questions that you haven’t even thought of
  5. They have the ability to give you professional opinion on how to plan your party and when is the best time for Entertainment
  6. They are good communicator and able to see what you really need
  7. They are friendly and can give you confidence in knowing how to handle children

Be careful when entertainers try to close the deal with beating on price. This indicates that they may not be a professional performer. You get what you pay for and it’s not worth getting someone that will end up giving your child a bad experience that will be scarred for life.

Get it in writing – Ensure they have a Performance Contract

No matter which entertainer you choose, make sure you have your agreement in writing to avoid any last-minute surprises. One of the things you can look out for or gives you an indication if you are dealing with a professional is to ensure they a “Performance Agreement or Contract”. Having someone not show up or experiencing some other unexpected problem can put a serious damper on your child’s fun, and you want to make sure you have recourse. Hiring someone not professional can be a risk of leaving bad memories for your child.

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