Children’s Entertainment Should Respect Their Intelligence: This Kids Magician for Hire in Sydney Does More than Most Entertainers

We all have a lot to learn from children. Unlike most adults, kids have a sense of wonder and curiosity about the world that turns even the most mundane into something a little bit magical. While some cynical people see this as naivete, one magician for hire in Sydney sees it a bit differently. At Trace of Magic, this isn’t something we want kids to get over; it’s something wonderful that most adults can learn from them. Having a sense of wonder throughout life encourages creative thinking, brings more joy to life, and can boost confidence at any age.

So, when you’re looking for kids entertainers in Sydney you’ll want to think about the messages they’ll send to the young audience, whether at a birthday party, a school event, or another special occasion. Trace makes her message clear in a recently-produced show which won awards at the Melbourne Magic Festival: “Why Kids Are Smarter than Adults”.

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Respecting children’s intelligence not only gives us an opportunity to learn from them and reward the expressive and curious thinking kids are so good at, but it also makes for a much more entertaining show as well. No one likes to be talked down to, and a magic show that makes them think, encourages participation, and takes kids seriously can be a powerful experience for young people.

As one of the best-loved children’s entertainers in Sydney, Tricky Trace delivers it all. Not only is the show inspiring and child-focused, but it’s also downright hilarious in a kid-friendly way. Both adults and children can enjoy getting into the spirit of magic, and with Trace, at the helm, it’s sure to be a memorable time for everyone involved.

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When you look for a kids magician for hire in Sydney, it can be easy to think you’ll get the same service no matter who you hire, but magic is about so much more than just pulling off the illusions. It’s about telling a story, engaging the audience, and lighting up our ability to notice the little traces of magic in everyday life. For children’s entertainment in Sydney that goes above and beyond in this way, Trace of Magic is the way to go. Trace’s show makes the young audience a part of the action, helping with tricks, asking questions, and giving suggestions that get them thinking creatively and openly. That means it’s an excellent show for schools as well.

Magic that truly inspires needs to be a bit more than pulling a rabbit out of a hat these days, and Trace delivers time and again. Performing as many as 100 shows a year, some in venues as famous as The Grounds of Alexandria and Apollo House in Dubbo. With modern magic that incorporates essential life lessons, hilarious clean comedy, and tonnes of audience activity, your kids are sure to remember the occasion for the rest of their lives. It can be hard to strike a balance between funny, inspiring, and educational, but Trace does it all seamlessly. To book now, click here and see what bringing in a little trace of magic can do for your next party.