Trace of Magic Provides an Educational School Magic Show for Preschoolers in Sydney

Trace of Magic is a Sydney-based children’s entertainer who can perform a magic show in your school. The act not only entertains through engaging magic and clean comedy but also inspires the children to believe in themselves. I open their minds to creativity and critical thinking and to become lifelong learners.

Educational Magic Show in Schools in Sydney

An educational magic show in school will mesmerise the kids and will create teachable moments. All the school programs are fun and interactive to encourage children to participate. The programs support and teach but are so entertaining they are great motivating tools to reward students for their achievements.

The “Magic of Books” program is a spellbinding magic show for pre-schoolers and older kids with laugh out loud moments to encourage them to read books. I bring familiar stories to life through music and magic to remind students that books are magical portals to take them wherever they want to go. The program teaches children to be responsible and courteous to others by caring for books and returning them to the library which makes it an excellent program for local libraries as well.

The “Wizarding Workshop” is a hands-on magic show in schools that teaches dexterity, confidence and self-esteem, creativity and listening skills as the students learn several simple magic tricks. All the tricks involve simple household items which I include in the program. You can get more information about a school magic show for your students by reading about my services.

School Magic Show Promotes Brain Development

Watching, learning, and performing magic provides positive benefits for the children’s cognitive development. It improves memory and stimulates growth of the cerebral cortex which is the thinking part of the brain. Practicing magic develops language and problem-solving skills and spatial recognition increases which is an essential cognitive skill linked to math abilities and achievement.

Learning magic is a self-motivating activity which develops the ability to self-discipline. Children learn the direct correlation between practice and getting better at the task when learning magic. The link between practice and performance will help them to self-motivate through their school studies and all the way into adulthood.

Magic is like a doorway into the imagination. Usually, children’s doors are wide open to whimsical ideas and fantasies, but as we grow older, the door can slowly close until only a small sliver of an opening is left as adults. Children who watch and practice magic keep their imaginations open and become creative adults who will innovate in the future.

If you want to reward your preschoolers or older students with a magic show in school in Sydney that will have them rolling on the floor with laughter while I sneak in a bit of learning then contact Trace of Magic. My schedule fills up quickly, so you don’t want to delay, especially for holiday programs. I can’t wait to inspire and empower your students to find a trace of magic in their lives every day.